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Aboveground Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks

CZ's Fuelbank provides a totally enclosed bunded fuel storage system to comply with all current environmental legislation.

Supplied with an end cabinet and roller shutter door, enclosed fill and suction pipes, pumps, gauges, bund alarms and management system, the FuelBank bunded fuel storage is ready for operation immediately. This unit gives the client complete confidence, knowing fuel storage is safely housed and is dispensed simply and efficiently.

Capacities from 5,000L to 120,000L can be supplied, both in cylindrical or rectangular format, in standard dimensions or bespoke to suit clients' specific requirements. Single or multi compartment bunded fuel tanks can be provided where different fuels need to be stored. Bunded fuel storage units can be painted in a client's livery colour if required.

  • FuelBank bunded fuel storage unit.
  • Supplied with or without end housing cabinet.
  • Range of fittings including suction pipe, fill pipe, overfill prevention, contents gauge, transfer pump, dispenser management systems.
  • Advice given on best design.
  • Capacities from 5,000L to 120,000L.
  • Cylindrical or rectangular configuration.
  • Standard design or bespoke.
  • Single or multi compartment.
  • Externally painted to ensure longer maintenance-free life.


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