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BioBase for the future of Biofuel Containment

The introduction of Biofuels has dramatically increased the incidence of microbial build up in underground storage tanks. This is largely due to the water content in these fuels collecting at the bottom of tanks providing a perfect environment for the bacteria to grow. The result is blocked filters and potentially fuel that is not within specification. Regular tank cleaning and special treatments can be used to minimize the problem, but these are all significant recurring costs, and can lead to the tanks being out of commission for significant periods.

C&Z introduced the award winning Baseframe to allow easy installation of tanks by fitting the tank to a system of cradles, straps, re-bar and mesh. This allows the tank to be installed without operators having to enter the excavation. For many years it's been standard practice in the aviation industry to install tanks on sloping cradles to ensure that any water collects at one end of the tank with a sump normally fitted from where the water can be drawn off.

Using both these concepts C&Z have developed the "BioBase".

By adapting the Baseframe to create a 1:50 slope on the tank and fitting a sump complete with internal suction pipework routed to the tank chamber, operators can be assured that water is regularly removed from tanks and samples can be easily taken.

While not essential we also offer an epoxy lining to provide even more protection. This can be to the entire tank or, more cost effectively, to the bottom 120°.

BioBase cut away

The Benefits

The benefits of the Baseframe are well understood by those who specify the system and include a much improved health and safety procedure, eliminating any 'working at height', and considerable time savings at site because most of the work has already been carried out in the factory.

The BioBase requires no special installation as the slope has been set up in the factory. The only additional requirement is a connection to a suction pump to draw off fluid from the tank's sump. The system works equally well in multi-compartment tanks where a sump is fitted to each compartment.

In Conclusion

The BioBase is a way to make tanks 'future proof'. Control of water build up and the epoxy lining will ensure that whatever the future of automotive fuels the tanks will be capable of storing it without any problem. This is another example of C&Z's combination of quality and innovation leading to a safer more cost effective product capable of storing the increasingly complex fuels in the coming decades.


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