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Oil Exploration

Tanks and Vessels to support offshore oil exploration

For many years we have worked closely with key operators in this sector to produce products designed to meet specific and difficult requirements.

Vertical tanks for drilling mud and slops are a speciality, over the years we’ve refined the design and increased capacities up to 250,000 litres or 1,600 bbl. Features include gun rings, internally routed vent pipes, sampling manifolds with electrical actuation, internal epoxy paint lining (typically for brine muds) and external paintwork to meet .

We also supply a range of cement/barite vertical silos up to 150,000 litres (330 tonnes). These employ an efficient aeration system and manway designed for easy cleaning. The design allows for the use of vessel weighing cells in various configurations.

At the smaller end, we produce a number of specialised products based on /ISO frames these include hydraulically actuated cuttings tanks, small cement silos, tanks for concentrated acids requiring special internal lining such as rubber or special epoxy system and stainless steel chemical tanks.

  • Vertical cone top/flat bottom mud tanks to 250,000 litres (1,600 bbl).
  • Vertical cone bottom cement/barite vessels to 150,000 litres operating at 4 bar.
  • /ISO framed tanks and vessels.
  • Acid tanks (including up to 36% concentrated HCL).
  • Cuttings transport tanks.
  • Dust collectors.
  • Associated ladders and platforms.

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Cookson And Zinn
Oil exploration tanks
Oil exploration tanks
Oil exploration tanks

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