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PetroTainer containerised storage tank

The new PetroTainer stackable, above or below ground storage tank from CZ offers the benefits of a high quality double skinned tank that can be shipped cost effectively virtually anywhere in the world.

By using the ISO shipping frame, the PetroTainer frame allows the tank to be shipped as container freight with significant cost savings and ease of handling. It also aids the location and orientation of the tank during installation where installation cost can be reduced and site safety improved.

The maximum capacity of the two ISO shipping sizes is 22m3 and 47m3 (5,800 US gallons and 12,500 US gallons) for 20' (6m) and 40' (12m) containers respectively. 45' (13.7m) High-Cube and US specification 48' (14.6m) and 53' (15.15m) are available on demand. Smaller capacity and multiple compartments can be easily accommodated.

CZ tanks are made to the standard using double skin technology and a 14,000 volts polyurethane coating to ensure long term peace of mind once installed. Other coatings can also be applied.

  • High quality CZ double skin tank.
  • Fully stackable ISO tested frame.
  • Up to 47 cubic meter capacity (12,500 US gallon) in a 40' frame.
  • Integral hold down straps and concrete reinforcement.
  • Frame can be buried or reused.
  • Cost effective shipping over sea, by land or by rail.
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PetroTainer containerised storage tank
PetroTainer containerised storage tank

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