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Underground storage tanks

CZ’s range of underground storage tanks are not exclusively for fuel, they can also be manufactured and supplied for the underground storage of chemicals, water, and for use in agriculture and farming.

Wide range of ancillary items supplied including leak detection, holding-down straps, internal suction pipes, overfill prevention valves, access chambers, ground covers.

  • Tank capacity from 5,000L to 100,000L.
  • Deuma automated equipment for maximum concentricity and straightness.
  • Single or multi compartment.
  • Externally blast cleaned and polyurethane coated.
  • 100% pin-hole high voltage spark detection test on finished coating.

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All underground storage tanks are fully tested and certified to comply with specification and, on completion of manufacture, are externally grit blast cleaned to SA 2.5 followed by a coating of solvent-free polyurethane. The coating receives a 100% pin-hole high voltage spark detection test to confirm complete paint coverage.


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Breakthrough in Tank Safety...

Conventional underground storage tanks can be factory fitted with base frames and holding down straps, for ease of installation, and eliminating the need for site personnel to enter the excavation whilst the tanks are being placed in position. Once the tanks are in position the concrete to form the base is then poured from the top of the excavation and allowed to cover the tank base frame. Subsequent operations can then proceed as normal.

One of the main areas for potential accidents has been whilst attaching the crane hooks and guide ropes when the tanks arrive at the site. This is normally done by climbing a ladder which can slip causing the person involved to fall. CZ now can attach the lifting slings, shackles and guide ropes at the factory, secure the slings on the vehicle bed for transportation, and the crane hook can then be attached at ground level, which eliminates the need for anyone to climb on the tank on site arrival.

Cookson and Zinn were presented with the award for the best new idea by BP/Bovis Alliance. As the instigators of the system, and having given full support during its development, Bovis accepted the practical and safety benefits of the base frame and lifting facilities.

A spokesman for the Alliance says “This new method has achieved the Global Alliance`s aim by totally eliminating the need for any operative to work at height. The Global Alliance has now embraced this method and will use it on all sites going forward.”

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